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why we’re here

7-Product Moisture Collection Bundle

We’ve come a long way on the journey to find hair care products that meet the needs of textured hair.  Who knew that the aisles and e-commerce shops of our favorite retailers would one day be filled with so many options? What an overdue blessing.

For us, it is the combination of clean ingredients plus performance that makes our products worthy of your purchase, because the truth is that one without the other is a compromise no consumer should have to make.

That’s why we’re here.  Our products are both clean and high-performing because we’ve walked the road you’re walking.  We know what it’s like to transition from chemically-straightened or damaged hair to fully textured hair.  We know what it’s like to “Big Chop” and navigate the texture changes that come as our curls grow longer.  We know what it’s like to get bored with our hair, or to feel frustrated by a failed Wash-and-Go, or to curse the day shrinkage was made.

Our cleansers do what they do because we know you need clean hair that retains essential moisture.  Our conditioners are designed to do more than sit on the surface – they are designed to penetrate the hair cuticle – because without real moisture your hair will become dry and prone to breakage.  Our stylers aim to close your cuticle and provide the level of hold and flexibility you desire because you know best how your hair behaves and what it needs to thrive. 

We’re here to empower you.  We want you, more than anything, to “believe in + embrace the beauty of your natural hair.”  That’s our mission.

Thank you for trusting us.

Jamellah Ellis, Curl Theory Owner

about our founder

I’ve been passionate about hair all my life.  I was the girl who asked for at least two Barbie styling head dolls for Christmas so that I could cut and color their hair (all on Christmas night, with no hair left to comb the next day). 

I became a lawyer and enjoyed a 20-year practice, but my passion continued to call me.  I lost my husband to cancer in 2014, and with three children to raise and a daunting road ahead, I had a serious crossroads moment: I could either play it safe, stay the course, and quietly allow a flame to die inside me – or I could embrace the truism that “life begins at the end of your comfort zone” and jump out on faith.  I chose the latter.

I relied on lessons learned during my own transition from chemically relaxed to fully textured natural hair.  I had done my own “Big Chop” and had promptly encountered the all-too-typical frustrations of other textured hair product consumers searching the retail store aisles in vain for “my” holy grail products.  Specifically, I was searching for products that would keep my hair moisturized while also providing great curl definition – both are incredibly important to so many of us. 

Knowing that in life we have to either find a way or make one, and knowing that millions of other textured hair consumers faced the same struggles I did, I founded Curl Theory.

I’m ready to deliver to my consumers exactly what I always needed.  We deserve it.

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