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Humanity Edition: Limited Collection

This limited release from the Curl Theory Moisture Collection is dedicated to those who have lost their lives to racial hatred and those on the front lines battling to secure the promise of justice and equality for black lives.  A portion of our proceeds will benefit causes dedicated to this work.  It’s our way of doing something, however small, to be a part of the solution.
7-Product Moisture Collection Bundle

No more choosing between moisture and curl definition. Now, you can have both.

The Curl Theory Moisture Collection is designed with you in mind. Each product in the Collection prioritizes hydration as the basic building block of healthy hair, using a special blend of aloe vera and high-performing natural oils and butters to maximize moisture and elasticity. It’s premium natural hair care—because you deserve it.

Start-to-Finish Hair Care

Natural Hair Cleansers


From conditioner washes to moisturizing shampoos, we’ve got your curls covered.

Natural Hair Conditioner


Our leave-in and deep conditioners provide essential moisture for all porosity types.

Natural Hair Styler


Some like cream; others like gel. We’ve got both, plus a luxurious Daily Oil Treatment.

Best Black Hair Care Products

So many compliments on my curls!

This is by far the best gel styler I have ever used!!! And as a curly girl, I feel like I have tried just about every product out there, and this is my absolute favorite!! It seals my curls and gives them just the right amount of definition without any stickiness whatsoever, leaving my hair soft and natural-looking. It works perfectly over the Curl Theory Miracle Worker leave-in conditioner, which makes my hair super soft and moisturized.

— “Curly Girl” —

I love it!

I absolutely love this product! I have always struggled to find a product that de-tangled my hair, but did not also cake up over time. Curl Theory products have become my go-to product ever since I was introduced to them. They do not have that over perfumey smell that a lot of other products do, it has a very mature natural scent that immediately attracted me to it. I have a fairly thick and curly textured hair strand, and this product has helped my hair grow in thickness and in length! I strongly recommend this for all lengths and curl patterns.

— “Jellybean101_” —

Work like a miracle!

The Curl Theory Miracle Worker Leave-In conditioner is by far the best product on the market. It consistently improves the quality of my curls and I am amazed at how my hair looks and feels better the more I use it. The moisture it provides enhances the hair’s natural ability to shine without adding oil. This product is amazing. It makes me so happy to finally have a dedicated reliable product that makes my hair feel and look healthier with each use. My thin curls are thin no more. It is truly a MIRACLE conditioner!

— “Tonia” —

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Cruelty-Free. Clean. Healthy. Beneficial.

Ingredients matter. That’s why every product in the Curl Theory Moisture Collection is:

Cruelty-Free Natural Hair Products


Silicone-Free Natural Hair Products


Paraben-Free Natural Hair Products


Sulfate-Free Natural Hair Products


Phthalate-Free Natural Hair Products


Stripping Alcohol-Free Natural Hair Care Products

Stripping Alcohol-Free

Color-Safe Natural Hair Care Products


Curl Theory Natural Hair Care Products for Black Hair